Career Coaching

Career Clarity Coaching

Are you confused about which course to study?
Are you unsure which career path to take?
Are you planning on switching careers?
Are you unhappy in your job?
If you answered YES, the Career Clarity Coaching is what you need.

The Career Clarity Coaching is suitable for
1.  Year 10-12 students who need help choosing courses and subjects, preparing for their future careers.
2. Graduates looking for career guidance and advice on their employment options
3. People who are considering a career change and need help planning their next move.
4. People who are considering further study and need help choosing the right course.

Career Consultation: an online assessment using psychometric and career profiling tools. Access to a Career Road Map Journey to chart career goals and milestones.

45 to 60 mins Zoom session
Fee: GBP 100

Job Interview Coaching

Do you have an upcoming interview?
Would you like to improve your confidence?
Do you want to stand out from the crowd?
If you answered YES, the Job Interview Coaching is what you need.

During the session, you will:
1. Discover how to prepare for interviews and make a great first impression
2.  Learn strategies to overcome nerves and build your confidence
3.  Learn how to answer common interview questions
4. Get help preparing responses to behavioural-based questions
5. Get feedback on your interview skills in a practice interview

Interview Coaching session to help you master the art of answering common interview questions, and behavioural interview questions.

45 to 60 mins Zoom session
Fee: GBP 100


Job Search Coaching

Are you finding it difficult to secure a job?
Are you tired of getting knock-backs?
Would you like to improve your success rate?
If you answered YES, then Job Search Support Coaching is what you need.

During this session you will

1. Discover how to conduct an effective job search and build your online presence
2. Get feedback on your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.
3. Learn networking strategies to increase your job opportunities
4. Find out how to identify and connect with recruiters
5. Learn how to pitch yourself to recruiters and potential employers

You will learn proven and effective strategies for searching and applying for jobs that suit your specific requirements. You will learn how to utilize LinkedIn to maximize job search opportunities

45 to 60 mins Zoom session.
Fee: GBP 100




Group Coaching

Would you like any of our career coaching services delivered to a group at your school, community or organisation? We are able to create customized packaging to suit your needs.
Contact us for more information and to obtain a quote.