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How to ace your next Job Interview

A Scenario Based Learning Experience

This course was designed to help Job Seekers prepare effectively for interviews.


Audience: Job Seekers, Recent Graduates, and Career Changers.

Responsibilities: Instructional Design, E-Learning Development, Visual Design.

Tools Used: MindMeister (for Action Mapping), Articulate Storyline 360 (for Visual Storyboarding & Designing 0f the Course), Google Docs (for Text Storyboard).

Client: A Recruitment Consulting Firm


Background Scenario: An agency contacted me to work on an e-learning course for one of their clients; a Recruitment Consultancy Firm that provides graduates with career & recruitment services to land their ideal job.


The Problem: After reviewing data and metrics, the client realized there was a low conversion ratio from the application stage to the job placement stage. Candidates they worked with scaled through the application and initial selection stages, but were not able to make it through to the final interview rounds. 


They realized the candidates presented to partner organizations lacked the required skills to perform well at interviews.


The solution: Create an interactive mock interview course that would help candidates prepare better for interviews. This course will present itself as an interactive mock interview, testing candidates’ critical thinking skills, situational judgment skills, communication skills, and other key interviewing skills. 


To ensure a smooth and agile instructional design project, I utilized the SAM (Successive Approximation Model) agile instructional design methodology, which allowed for quick iterative developments and continuous improvement throughout the design process. 


The SAM model is applicable in today’s fast-paced and agile business environment, as it emphasizes shorter development cycles, unlike the ADDIE model’s linear approach which may lead to delays in project delivery. 


I designed and developed the project with the following phases of the SAM Model: 

  • Preparation Phase 

  • Iterative Design Phase

  • Iterative Development Phase

Each phase played an important part in developing the fully functional learning experience

Preparation Phase

I began working with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to develop an action map; otherwise known as a blueprint to visualize and define the overall goals for the learning experience. By creating an action map/blueprint, we were able to itemize specific learning components that job seekers need to know, to perform better at the interview stage.  If certain learning outcomes could be broken down further, we did so through additional branching. Once we pinpointed the 5 key learning outcomes, these outcomes would serve as the 5 components or modules used to develop the course.


After the SME reviewed and approved the action map, I moved on to the text storyboard.


I outlined all learning experiences from beginning to end via the text storyboard. I used Google Docs since it is a simple cloud-based service that can save my work as needed, also allowing for viewing and tracking comments or edits and changes by Subjects Matter Experts. The text storyboard outline included: title screen, prompt screen, tip screen, programming notes, adding interactions that would be included on that specific slide.


For the purpose of this showcase, the client has given consent to share module 2 of the course component: “How to Answer Common Interview Questions”.

Action Map

Iterative Design Phase

Utilizing the inputs from the action map and text storyboard, i created the course component via the five previously identified modules. I designed interactive mock interviews for each module using Articulate Storyline 360; creating a scenario where candidates would be faced with interview questions and three possible answer choices to select per question.


To measure their success and performance in the mock interview course, a performance meter was incorporated into the course slides to track the learners progress. If the right answer is selected, the performance meter goes up; if a wrong answer is selected the performance meter goes down, and if a neutral answer is selected, the performance meter stays as it is.


Additionally, i developed feedback slides to provide learners with explanations and implications of their answer choices. At the end of the mock interview simulation, if the learner performed well, they see a screen congratulating them on getting the job. If the learner did not perform well, they see a screen sayin they were not chosen this time around, and they have multiple attempt to geo through the mock interview simulation to keep practicing.

Iterative Development Phase

I built the e-learning course according to the storyboard. I incorporated multimedia elements such as images, audio and characters to enhance learner engagement . Mobile responsiveness was ensured to cater to on-the-go learners. User testing was conducted, and feedback from stakeholders was gathered and integrated to improve the course further. Accessibility features were implemented to ensure the course was inclusive and could be accessed by all learners.


Throughout the entire process, the SAM agile model allowed for continuous improvement. Each phase involved a collaborative approach, involving stakeholders, subject matter experts, and potential learners, ensuring the course met the specific needs of the client. The course was successfully implemented, providing job seekers with an immersive and engaging learning experience that significantly improved their interview performance, leading to higher job placements and greater client satisfaction.

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Text Storyboard Sample

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Visual Storyboard Sample

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